Experiences with shooting


Did you know that the shooting in Prague can also be fun? We are now offering an exclusive offer that cannot be simply refused. You can shoot at our shooting range for half the price! There are currently huge discounts on shooting at the shooting range on our e-shop. So, take advantage of it. Target shooting at the shooting range can interest you and maybe you will shoot professionally and one day it might come in handy if you want to be a police officer for example. They often have weapons with them and use them in practice. I got into shooting completely by accident. Until then I condemned the shooting and wanted nothing to do with it.


But my friend started competitive shooting at that time and started telling me how much he enjoyed it. I couldn`t believe it and thought to myself, how can shooting at a target be fun for him? After all, it`s a completely boring hobby. And then I tried it and completely changed my mind. And over time, I became really interested in target shooting, I started shooting professionally and after a while I decided that I wanted to have my own shooting range in Prague, where people who enjoy target shooting as much as we do will go. If you come to our shooting range, we will explain everything to you, teach you how it works here, and if you are interested in something, you can feel free to ask something. We will be happy to answer everything.


This is no problem for us at all. You can ask anything, and you will never be alone when shooting. You will be surrounded by experienced lecturers who will show you everything. Target shooting is an adrenaline-fueled experience that is worth it, and everyone should try it at least once, because you never know if you will enjoy it or not. So don`t be afraid and feel free to try target shooting and see for yourself. We have a place for everyone here. You can even just come to the shooting range to see how things are going here.